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About Us

With Immediate Solutions Home Service (WISH) is a service organization formed in 2010, specializing in assisting registered entities in the House Electric Service, AC Repair and Installation Service and All type of House Utility Service. Since its inception, WISH has provided guidance and assistance in the home utility service sector which has improved the standard  of the service which was accepted locally and has helped in the development to over 100 registered entities all over Mumbai, INDIA. We are an Independent all types of home service provider with specialization in Home Salon, In house repair services of washing machine, refrigerator, AC, microwave, Computer Hardware and Software, Laundary Service , Pestcontrol Service, etc…To Get the Entire List of Service Provided by WISH please Click here

Whishs is an privately incorporated company in INDIA. Our employees are trust worthy and you can always rely on our service.

We Have a very efficient customer service team who will help you in any type of queries regarding your home Services. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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