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Microwave Repair

Sometimes you notice there's something wrong with your appliance right away. Maybe the light in your Microwave won't turn on or your food isn't staying cold enough. You might not know if its necessary to call a professional. Wish Home Service Technician has come to your rescue.

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Magnetron 1700
Transformer 2500
PCB Circuit 1300
Turn Table Motor 900
Capacitor 650
Fan Motor 900
Heater 1400
Other Repairs ( On Inspection ) 200

More Information about this Microwave Repair

For any type of issue with the refrigerator you can call us with complete trust. Our Service charges are the best in the market with the reliability of trust as we serve better. The prices listed above are indicative prices based on standard capacity model and may vary after inspection. If your problem is not listed above, there will be minimum visiting charges Rs.250 for inspection and fixing the problem within 30 mins, if possible. Additional service and material charges will be conveyed to you after inspection and we will proceed for the work only after your approval.

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